Gyrowinder – Watch winder

The Gyrowinder is truly an unique piece of engineering. It’s seen as one of the most luxurious watch winders for the most precious watch in a collection. The Gyrowinder winds your automatic watch but can also be seen as a very exclusive decoration piece. The movement of the Gyrowinder comes closest to the movement of a wrist, where regular watch winders simply rotate to one side.

The perfect balance for every watch

What also makes the Gyrowinder so unique is the broad scope of adjustment possibilities. For example, since watches all have different weights, it comes with a set of counterweights – like an antique scale. Using them, each watch can be individually balanced. The optimal position of the Gyrowinder is set beforehand using the integrated spirit level and three adjustable feet.

Inspiration Gyrowinder

The inspiration for the Gyrowinder came after a visit to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida where they use the Gyro chair for training of aspiring astronauts. The movement of the Gyro chair has now been integrated in the Gyrowinder.

Handmade to the  highest standards

Every Gyrowinder is made in Germany by hand to the highest standards possible. Do you prefer a matt finish or a 18 ct. rose gold Gyrowinder? No problem. We offer them both. Every Gyrowinder comes with a crystal glass cover to protect the Gyro system and every Gyrowinder has 4 integrated lights which highlight the watch inside.

Gyrowinder 18 ct. Rosé Gold

excl. vat €15.950

Delivery time 1 – 2 weeks

Gyrowinder Silver (Nickel finish)

excl. vat €14.190

Delivery time 1 – 2 weeks

Gyrowinder Black

excl. vat €13.800

Delivery time 1 – 2 weeks