HENK Attache

The HENK attache – ultimate luxury

Prices start at €9.900 excl. vat

At HENK they love to combine functionality with luxury. A good example is the HENK suitcase, but now there is the HENK attache. An attache made of carbon fiber, combined with 24 ct. golden details, a leather interior and a fingerprint scanner to open your attache,

From a 15 inch laptop to cigars

The HENK attache offers space to a 15 inch laptop, documents, passport, pens and other small items. Would you like to travel with your cigar collection? No problem. The HENK attache can be delivered with a integrated humidor. The interior of the attache can be changed to your needs. Everything is possible.

HENK Attache


The HENK attache is made of carbon fiber which is very strong and can be used a lifetime, but there is more. You can order the attache in a bullet proof version. special 10 mm thick insert that can withstand a 9 mm para to .44 magnum calibre bullet impact from a range of 8 meters. How cool is it to own something so strong and unique?

Luxury combined with technology

Your belongings are safe inside the HENK attache as you are the only person who is able to open it. Simply place your finger on the scan and your bag will recognize your finger print. When opening the attache, a LED light will turn on for easy access and when the attache is not locked, the HENK logo turns red. A truly unique and innovative attache.