Meet the HENK suitcase

Prices start at €25.000 excl. vat

The HENK suitcase is the most exclusive and worlds most expensive suitcase every build. After 20 years of designing, prototyping and testing, the HENK was launched during the Monaco Yacht Show in 2004 and has amazed the luxury industry with its outstanding design and innovative wheel system. 500 parts go into each HENK, but the HENK is so efficiently designed, it still meets the IATA hand luggage size of 55x40x20 cm. Discover the HENK suitcase here.

The exterior and interior of the HENK suitcase

The HENK suitcase is made out of carbon fiber and titanium which makes it one of the strongest suitcases available. Despite the strong materials, which are also used in formula 1 cars, it looks classy and elegant. The exterior of the HENK is available in carbon fiber or you can choose for exotic leathers like crocodile. The interior of the HENK is covered with wood veneer, used in Rolls Roys cars, and horsehair or high tech fibre.

Henk Suitcase
Henk Suitcase

Retractable wheel system

The wheel system in the HENK suitcase is unique. When the handle of the HENK is raised, 2 large wheels extend and the HENK becomes a trolley. When the handle is lowered, the wheels retract and the HENK can be used as a suitcase. The large wheels guarantee a noiseless and comfortable drive when the suitcase is in motion. Lower the handle 1/3 and the HENK can be moved around on it’s smaller wheels when entering your yet. When the handle is raised, it can also be used as a dress boy.

Multiple compartments and a removable wall

The HENK is the perfect suitcase when traveling 2 to 3 days for a business trip or a short getaway. the side compartments can be opened with your 3 digit code and if you have small belongings to take with you, you can put them in the top compartments. The HENK suitcase comes with a removable wall, which allows you to separate your shoes from your clothing. If you don’t need the removable wall, simply take it out.

Henk Suitcase