The Ciclotte – carbon fiber fitness tool

€9.850 excl. vat

Meet the Ciclotte. The Ciclotte is entirely made in Italy and combines technology with style and elegance. The Ciclotte is not only a fitness tool, but also a piece of art and a decoration object. The design is so unique it has a place in the Italian Design Museum in Milano.

Innovative technique

The Ciclotte is developed with innovative solutions and high-tech materials like carbon fiber, fiberglass and steel. It’s not only unique because of its design but the Ciclotte is the first exercise bike to use an electromagnetic resistance system with epicycloid transmission.


Because of its timeless design, the Ciclotte can be added to any kind of interior. Would you like to work out nearby your pool, in the bathroom or in your bedroom? No problem. The Ciclotte will be the perfect decoration piece for any room.