The Guardian – traveling case

€19.625 excl. vat

Traveling from place to place and would you like to take your most precious watch collection with you? No problem. The Guardian, double walled tube, keeps your precious watch collection safe during your travels and makes sure no one else is able to see or touch your watches. The Guardian can be carried with either a hand grip or a shoulder strap.

Luxury exterior – unbreakable housing

The exterior of the Guardian is covered with the finest calfskin available but can also be produced in the most delicate crocodile leather. The interior of the Guardian is like how a safe should be, hard like a diamond and unbreakable. The material cannot be destroyed using the biggest sledgehammers. On the end of the tube there is a safe door which can only be opened with your personal 3 digit code. The Guardian even comes with a GPS transmitter to locate your precious collection precisely.



The interior of the Guardian is made of the softest suede leather which doesn’t scratch and keeps your collection in pristine condition. Besides 6 wrist watches, the Guardian offers space for your money, jewelry and important documents. The Guardian weighs about 4 kg and is 35,5 cm longs and 13 centimeter wide.