Orchid Chair

The Orchid chair – carbon version

€25.000 excl. vat

Inspired by the exterior of the vintage Bugatti 57 SC, combined with the elegance of a newly sprung Orchid flower, makes the Orchid chair one of the most exclusive and timeless lounges chairs available. The combination of the glossy carbon fiber exterior, combined with the very soft and bright fabric results in an extraordinary piece of furniture. 


It takes about 2 weeks to great the Orchid chair as it’s fully handmade. 2 highly trained craftsmen are able to produce the Orchid chair with the highest quality possible. Creating such a large piece out of carbon fiber is a real challenge. The woven pattern of the carbon needs to be aligned perfectly to create the symmetrical look and must be coated several times to reach the highest quality lever required for a masterpiece like the Orchid chair. Current delivery time is 3 to 4 weeks.

Orchid Chair

Limited Edition – 50 pieces

Only 50 pieces of this particular Orchid chair will be produced. Each Orchid chair comes with a certificate or origin and a serial number to ensure the exclusivity and heritage of the Orchid chair. 


The Orchid chair is truly a unique pieces of design furniture but we can even make it a little more unique by engraving your name and/or company logo on the chair. Do you prefer a different kind of material for the seating area? Just let us know and we will discuss the possibilities with you. Ostrich or crocodile leather to the leather pattern of Bentley cars, it’s all possible with the Orchid chair.